Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to start Simply Contract LLC?

As creatives who are also attorneys, many of our creative friends have reached out to us for help with the legal aspects of their businesses, and especially with the contracts they are using with their clients.  We started Simply Contract LLC to support hard-working creatives like you by providing contracts that have your specific concerns in mind at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay an attorney to draft an equivalent contract for your business - so you can focus your time and money on building your business.


What makes your contracts different from others?

By working with our creative friends to address the concerns of their businesses, we have created easy to fill in, reusable contracts which include the key elements that are important to your business without confusing your clients with unnecessary or frustrating legalese.  More importantly, all of the key terms of your engagement with a client are set forth “worksheet-style” on the first page of each of our contracts, so you can quickly and easily fill in all of the relevant information during your initial conversation with a client!  You don't even need to type anything in to the document - feel free to use your favorite pen to fill in the fields provided and you are done!


So how does it work?

Well, it’s really quite simple actually - hence the name Simply Contract.  Visit the “Shop Online” page of our site to find all of the different contracts we currently offer, along with a brief description of each.  Then click on any contract that interests you to find out additional information about who the contract might be most useful for and pricing.  Once you have selected the contract you would like to purchase, click the “Add to Cart” button and briefly fill out the information in the form that appears, selecting “Add to Cart” at the bottom of the page to confirm.  Next click on the bag icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to view your cart and select “Checkout” to proceed to the checkout page where you may enter your contact information, billing and payment details to complete the transaction.  You will instantly receive an e-mail from us at the address you provided containing a digital download link allowing you to download and access the product you have purchased!


How long will the digital download link remain active / available?

The digital download link in the e-mail that you receive from us will remain active / available for 24 hours after you first access the link.  Upon accessing the link, we recommend that you save the contract that you have purchased to your computer, at which point you will no longer need the digital download link to access your purchased product.  As a courtesy, in the event you forget to save a contract that you have purchased to your computer before the digital download link expires, we will provide one reactivation link to you per contract free of charge upon request to


What is your return policy?

Given the digital nature of our products, we are unfortunately unable to offer refunds for digital products once they are purchased.


More questions?

Please contact us at if you have more questions - we look forward to hearing from you!